Nationwide’s ‘Mortgage Broker of the Quarter’ awarded to our very own Craig Head!

All of us at Mortgage Required were delighted to receive confirmation earlier this month that our head broker, Craig Head, was nominated by Nationwide’s Business Development Manager, Daniel Hopwood, for his Nationwide Building Society’s “Broker of the Quarter” award.

We were notified by Nationwide in writing on the 23 January and we’ve all been glowing with pride ever since! Here’s a small clip of what Nationwide had to say about our man;

“...the cases that Craig provides are always well packaged and of a good quality, so the majority of cases go through smoothly… Daniel has hundreds of brokers and companies to service and in my view to be recognised as [his] best supporter is praise indeed...”

Tilsley, SW Regional Manager - Nationwide Building Society

Craig arranged 16 mortgages with Nationwide totalling over £4 million in the last quarter alone. That’s 16 satisfied clients thanks to his dedication, professional approach and attention to detail.

Well done Craig, from all at Mortgage Required! It’s always great to be recognised by a market leader for a job well done. Of course, at Mortgage Required all our brokers follow the same principles. We are always client-focused, well informed and ready to help.

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