For those of us dabbling in the property investment field, it can be an expensive learning curve, especially when relying on experience hard-won through personal mistakes and aborted deals concluding inexpensive consultant’s bills!

Here we look at just a few of the great books out there that might interest the buy-to-let landlord or property investor.

The Complete Guide to Property Investment

A well-regarded book that deals quite comprehensively with many of the issues pertinent to the property investor. Over 700 5 star reviews on Amazon can’t be wrong, surely? The book looks at many topics from tax and accounting through to the nuts and bolts of investing. The author also has a website with many multi-media resources contained within.

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Power Property Investing for Women

As the title suggests, this book is aimed at women, but the basic principles remain the same. Bindar Dosanjh is a multi-award winning property developer, property mentor, trainer, lawyer and the founder of the award-winning Women's Property Network called Female Property Alliance. She is a published author “Power Property Investing for Women” and an acclaimed international speaker.

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How To Be A Landlord

The author’s name may ring a bell! Rob Dix is a well-known author in this field and his reviews on Amazon are generally glowing. At £10 the knowledge and advice contained within seem good value for the new investor!

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Collins Complete DIY Manual

For those that have little knowledge when it comes to DIY and refurbishment, this Amazon bestseller is a great reference point for starters.

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The Property Handbook: Your Essential Guide - How To Buy, Renovate, Stage, Sell and Move

This book goes into quite some detail and is aimed at the person looking to buy, improve and sell a property for profit.

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How To Buy Property at Auction: The Essential Guide to Winning Property and Buy-to-Let Bargains

Buying at auction can be a great way to find a bargain and avoid the perils of gazumping. It can also be nerve-wracking and sometimes risky. This book addresses the pitfalls and explains the process. Great for the newbie.

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