This is a common question and the answer is yes, perhaps.

There are a variety of criteria that a mortgage lender will set before they will consider lending. Some lenders will not lend to a borrower with previous CCJs but others will, dependent on the facts. Of course, the riskier a borrower is deemed to be, the more expensive the mortgage is.

First of all, we need to know a few facts. For example;

  • When was the CCJ incurred?
  • What was the CCJ for and for how much?
  • How many CCJs do you have?
  • Are they satisfied or unsatisfied?
  • What sort of property are you proposing to buy?
  • What do you earn? In other words, is the mortgage affordable?
  • What deposit do you have available?

Most lenders like to see a period of more than three years since a CCJ was registered and its preferable, but not essential, that a CCJ was satisfied (cleared) for 12 months or more.

The amount a CCJ is for is less important than timing, but in most cases it’s preferable that it be below £2,500 if you want to borrow 85% of the property’s value. Most lenders will need the sum to be less than £1,000 if the CCJ is recently acquired (i.e. in the last 12 months).

In simple terms, the larger the deposit you can find the better your chances of obtaining a competitive mortgage offer, even with a CCJ. If the CCJ has been cleared (satisfied) it helps but some lenders won’t insist on this, especially where the CCJ is older than two years.

The amount you can borrow will vary, but 4 or 5 times income may be achievable, subject to affordability criteria. Most lenders will require a 15% deposit on this basis but criteria are changing regularly.

If you have a question about CCJs and how they can affect your ability to get a mortgage, you need to speak to an Independent Mortgage Adviser. 

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