In the past, when purchasing a property it was necessary to employ the services of a solicitor. Like many other professions, solicitors may specialise and most people only ever use a solicitor when buying or selling their home or when drafting a Will.

In 1985 The Administration Of Justice Act introduced another way to obtain advice when buying or selling property in England & Wales. Namely by using the services of a qualified and certified Licensed Conveyancer.

A qualified Licensed Conveyancer must be over 21 and have passed all the examinations of the Council for Licensed Conveyancers. Many Licensed Conveyancers work for practices of Solicitors although after 3 years in practice they may set up in practice in their own right or in partnership.

A Licensed Conveyancer may advise on the buying and selling of property including drafting contracts for sale, dealing with the Land Registry and Local Authorities and undertaking the conveyancing process on behalf of their client.

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