Nowadays, obtaining a mortgage can be complicated. We all have credit scores, whether we know it or not, and our chances of obtaining a mortgage offer will be largely determined by that score. Therefore, the best way to check out your score before you apply for a mortgage is to use one of the major credit scoring companies such as Equifax or Credit Expert.

Obtaining a credit check might enable you to address incorrect information held on your account or rectify bad practices.

For example, never miss payments on credit cards, loans or utility bills. Try your best to stay out of your overdraft and never go overdrawn without a facility in place.

Make sure you are registered to vote! It may seem odd to you, but lenders will check your name against the voters register. If you are not there, you have a problem. Register to vote!

Cut back on expenses. Nowadays lenders will need you to prove that you can afford to repay your mortgage even if interest rates rise. They will want to see your monthly expenses so that they can work this out, so before you apply take a few months to cut back on unnecessary expenses.

Whilst you’re at it, get all your paperwork in place. Find those P60s and line up all your paperwork so that the application can be submitted and run smoothly.

Finally, use a mortgage broker! OK, so you might expect us to say that, but at Mortgage Required, we are experts in arranging mortgages for our clients. Just because you might not be every lender’s ‘cup of tea’ does not mean we can’t find a mortgage that is right for you!

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