For the second time, Mortgage required will be attending the enormously successful Help to Buy Show in Reading.

The show, which is Berkshire’s biggest event of its kind, will be held again at The Riverside Leisure Complex, Reading on Saturday 23 September. As always, it’s a great place to ask questions about the various government schemes aimed at helping you buy your next home.

Whether it’s Shared Ownership or any of the Help to Buy schemes, visitors will be able to ask leading industry experts including housebuilders, solicitors and Independent Mortgage Advisors all sorts of questions, entirely free of charge.

As one of the area’s largest Independent Mortgage Firms, Mortgage Required was appointed by Help to Buy South to help implement the government’s shared equity schemes and we continue to see a healthy take-up in the area. As usual, we’ll be offering free financial assessments on the day, meaning you can leave the show with a clear picture of what type of home you could afford to buy and when.

You don’t need to take any paperwork with you, (but if you can grab your latest payslip and bank statement, we can do more accurate figures), a brief chat is enough for us to give you an idea of what you could expect to raise in a mortgage and what you would require as a deposit. If you’d like, you can make an appointment or simply turn up on the day.

The show, will take place on Saturday 23 September, opening at 10am. It’s FREE to anyone interested in finding out more about the Help to Buy schemes on offer. There’s never been a better chance to see what’s on offer from industry experts - all in the same place.

A wide variety of mortgage products are available to consider in conjunction with help to buy options to suit your circumstances and needs. We hope you’ll be able to drop in and join the Mortgage Required team for a tea or coffee. We might even supply the biscuits!

Just make sure you get to us before 2pm next Saturday, as the doors close at 3pm!

**Please note**There is ample free parking at the event but please make sure you register your car registration at the main registration desk to get free parking, OR pay to park.

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