Getting your home ready for Christmas

We have officially reached the month of December and most would agree that now is an acceptable time to put the decorations up! We all have our own traditions and ways in which we like to celebrate, but this short blog could help you prepare your home for Christmas.

  • Declutter
    There is something about having a good clear out that can really help you mentally, with a fresh outlook ready for the festive period. Getting the kids to go through toys and donate them to charity is a great way for them to declutter and you may want to think about any nick-nacks that you could do without - ‘out with the old, and in with the new’ is a great way to think.

  • Deep clean
    The next step is to do a deep clean. Start by doing one room at a time, and giving yourself enough time to get everything done. Think about those jobs we often leave, or don’t do regularly – cleaning light fittings, washing cushion covers, cleaning the fridge so it is ready for all of the delicious goodies Christmas brings!
  • Find the right spot for your tree
    If you are limited for space, maybe consider moving some furniture around, or put any pieces not required in storage to make room. 

  • Check your calendar
    December is usually a busy month for people, with work parties, friend and family gatherings, not to mention kids' school activities this time of year. Be sure not to double book yourself and ensure you are prepared with gifts and refreshments for anticipated visitors.

  • Remember the outside
    If you are planning on putting lights up outside, make sure to check the bulbs and their fixings – you don’t want to spend hours untangling to find they no longer work!

  • Think about the ambience
    That cosy, warm feeling at Christmas time can be very special. A great way of achieving this in your home is by creating a festive ambience. This can be done by using festive scents, getting a real Christmas tree, and playing Christmas music.

  • Winter-proof your home
    This isn’t specifically to be done in time for Christmas, but you may want to consider looking at ways to keep the warmth in, and the cold out this winter. Consider fixing any radiators, insulating the loft, and installing draft excluders.

We hope our tips have helped you in the lead-up to the big day!

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