Equity Release is a form of ‘later in Life’ lending.

Open to those with equity in their homes, perhaps built up over decades of prudent financial management and good decisions. Many of our clients have worked hard to build a comfortable life and a valuable asset - namely, their home.

The general problem is that whilst a large family home might now be less necessary with children moving out and perhaps even buying homes of their own, it is still home. Few of us would want to abandon a lifetime of memories just because that seems to be the only way to release the cash tied up in the bricks and mortar.

This is where Equity Release can help. Whether you are looking to retire early and create a monthly income to supplement your pension pot, take that dream holiday, buy that yacht and sail around the world or perhaps help out your kids now, whilst you are still alive and able to do so, Equity Release can help you realise your dreams without selling your home.

In simple terms, Equity Release lending enables you to release and use some of the equity tied up in your home whilst still allowing you to remain living there during your lifetime. You can choose to make monthly payments or simply allow the interest to roll up.

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It’s not unusual to find that our home is our largest asset, but if you don’t have income or cash savings later in life, it can become an expensive and unsustainable burden. Later in Life lending helps you and your spouse enjoy your home whilst using some of the cash tied up in it to improve the quality of your retirement years. That’s a plan worth considering.

Mortgage Required are members of the Equity Release Council and all our equity release products are guaranteed negative equity protected, meaning you won’t end up owing more than the value of your home.

Whatever your circumstances, contact us on 01628 507477 to discuss your needs.

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