The last 12 months have been fairly unprecedented and investors would be right to be nervous for the future. However, in the long term, there are still many reasons why the UK property market could be considered one of the best investment opportunities in the world. Here are ten reasons why;

  1. The UK has been voted number one in terms of transparency globally. This makes the UK an attractive place for foreign money to invest, underpinning demand globally.
  2. In the short term, the government’s SDLT (Stamp Duty Land Tax) holiday on some property has served as a ‘shot in the arm’ for the property sector, even during the lockdown. Property values throughout many parts of the regions have rocketed in the recent past.
  3. Great Britain remains an attractive place to live with continued population growth putting a huge strain on existing housing supply.
  4. Even with Buy-to-Let (BTL) worth over £1 trillion in the UK, research estimates that renters will outnumber homeowners by 2039, driven by rapidly increasing house prices and a growing popularity for the flexibility that renting provides in the modern economy.
  5. Rental growth is forecast to be strong with Birmingham housing rents forecast to grow by 12.5% in the next two years! The South East also expects to see significant growth over the next 4 years.
  6. Significant investment in infrastructure such as HS2 and optic fibre broadband and 5g will continue to add value to large swaths of the provinces, outside London.
  7. A weak pound and historically low rates of interest! For international investors coming from areas that make UK prices already look relatively affordable, investment in UK property for the long term, whilst the pound remains weak, is attractive.
  8. 300,000 Hong Kongers! Yes, with the UK now offering those in Hong Kong the opportunity to move to Britain we should see a surge of wealth and demand that must have a significant effect on the UK’s housing market!
  9. London is listed as the second-best city in the world in which to invest. It is listed as the best city in Europe and remains a significant world city, underpinned by a huge worldwide financial market in the City itself. The HS2 rail link connecting London with Manchester and Birmingham via a high speed rail link is now well underway.
  10. Political Stability remains important to all investors, especially global investors looking to protect their assets. A world-leading educational sector, phenomenal transparency and a stable and respect deomcratic government make the UK a particularly attractive home for foreign investment.

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