Mortgage Required - Maidenhead Lockdown Hero Awards

Managing Director Tim Atkinson was joined by RT Hon Theresa May MP and Jeremy Spooner chairman of The Maidenhead Advertiser for a rewarding zoom meeting to select the community’s Lockdown heroes. They were all impressed by how many selfless individuals we have in our community and their ability to put others first despite having their own family responsibilities and /or holding down a full-time job.

Nominations included teachers who have gone above and beyond to help children continue their education in a fun and engaging way, volunteers who ensure the vulnerable in our community were not forgotten. There were many nominations who had looked out for elderly neighbours picking up shopping and being on hand for anything they might need. Clubs who adapted their way of working to help with our physical and mental health and we even had Spiderman who ran past children’s houses brightening up the lockdown day.

After much consideration, the 3 judges selected their three winners but felt they couldn’t leave it there. With so many worthwhile nominations, they wanted to recognise another 10 exceptional people with floral displays as a thank you from Mortgage Required and of course the wider community. Below are listed our three amazing winners whom we hope will enjoy the contents of their Fortum & Mason hamper which they so richly deserve.


Lisa Hunter

Throughout both Lockdowns Super Hero Lisa organised two different community support programs. With help from charitable organisations, The Royal Borough and a team of volunteers she provides food parcels to families whose children had previously qualified for free school meals.

Not content with this Super hero Lisa matched individuals or households which had to shield, with volunteers who could undertake shopping, picking up of prescriptions, etc. Lisa publicised the service through social media, posters and articles in the local paper which resulted in over 100 shielding individuals being identified which Lisa matched with a local volunteer. All this is done whilst looking after her own family.


Hero Lisa


Sasha Bardwell

Our second Super Hero turned being furloughed into an opportunity to help others. At the start of lockdown she set up and runs the Magpies Community Helpline. This is a group of volunteers who organise food/prescription collection/dog walking and befriending. Of course being a Super hero this is not enough for Sasha She also volunteers at the Town Hall Vaccination centre as well as shopping for elderly neighbours whilst looking after 3 children.

Hero Sasha


Paul Matton

Our final Super hero has come all the way from Australia to support Maidenhead. Paul who was formally a teacher is now a counsellor working for a local charity. Like all of our Super hero’s this isn’t enough for Paul despite looking after his family he volunteers at a food bank he can also be found at the Town hall helping with the vaccination roll-out although we are not sure if he wears his cape there. Paul is an integral part of the community setting up community watts app groups and helping anyone who asks.

Hero Paul