Shared Ownership

For many, shared ownership is a great way of getting your foot on the housing ladder. Offered on either new homes or available through housing associations on the second-hand market, generally, the shares offered are between 10% and 75% of the property value. In some cases, there is an option to buy a larger share as your income increases or if you want to move you can sell back your share to the next buyer. With shared ownership you buy a share of the property, and pay rent to a landlord on the rest.

When you buy a home through Shared Ownership, you: 

Our friendly mortgage advisors are experts in shared ownership and the Government Schemes. We take great pride in helping our clients purchase their own homes and would welcome a call to discuss which scheme is suitable for you.

As an approved Help to Buy Broker, we offer:

  • Step by step guidance helping you through the Shared Ownership process
  • Free meeting with qualified broker to submit Shared Ownership application
  • Personal Administrator who will keep you updated on the progress of your application
  • Exclusive mortgage deals for shared ownership applicants not available on the high street

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