Q & A: Rachel Woods - Mortgage Adviser
Email: rachel@mortgagerequired.com

rachel woods
Rachel works from head office looking after our clients mortgage needs. Her clients include first time buyers to experienced property investors.

Q. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A. A princess

Q. Most embarrassing moment?
A. When I was walking with my headphones and the music turned up, I began to sing and I was told by a passer-by that I was singing really loudly :/ (I don’t have the greatest of voices)

Q. Who do you most admire?
A. My nan

Q. First music you bought?
A. High School Musical album

Q. First Car?
A. Probably a Punto..

Q. Favourite food?
A. Strawberries

Q. Favourite part of your job?
A. Leaving customers feeling satisfied with the service provided

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